What Cases Does a Maritime Law Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens Accept?

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Maritime law is a rather specific area when it comes to law practice. Maritime law attorneys require knowledge of US and international laws relating to bodies of water and activities on these bodies of water. A maritime law attorney can help with several areas and types of incidents.

Seaman Cases

The Jones Act is federal legislation that regulates maritime commerce. Part of the act protects sailors and allows them to seek damages if they are injured on the job due to negligence. This can include compensation for lost wages and loss of earning capacity. This act also covers rights such as wages, medical, and benefits.

Offshore Workers Cases

While some offshore workers are covered by The Jones Act, others are not if they do not qualify as seamen. Instead, these workers may operate under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. These jobs can be very dangerous, and it is important to find out if any injury or sickness you sustain on the job is due to negligence.

Cruise Ship Cases

Laws pertaining to cruise ships are some of the most complicated laws out there. There is a section of maritime specifically dedicated to them, and there are other broader laws that also apply to cruise accidents. 

A few variables that you need to consider when it comes to cruise ship laws are statute of limitations and jurisdiction. Often, claims must be made within a year of an accident due to statute of limitations laws. Jurisdiction can also be tricky to determine when it comes to incidents on a cruise ship. Multiple considerations can factor into this including the origin of the ship, your place of departure, and the location of the incident.

Recreational Boating Cases

This area deals with recreational boating and water sports. These cases often deal with holding boat manufacturers, boat or tour operators, and mechanics responsible for neglect and broken equipment.

Where Can I Find a Good Maritime Law Attorney?

If you or someone you love needs help with sorting through the details of maritime law, Steinberg Law is here to help. Our attorneys are experienced with all the complexities of this tricky area of law. Make an appointment by calling 561-630-0053 today.