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Sexual assault, also referred to as sexual abuse, is a common crime in our modern society. In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in every 3 women experience some form of sexual abuse in the course of their lives. If you or a person you know is a victim of sexual assault, the sexual assault lawyers at Steinberg Law are here to help.

Sexual predators should face justice, and our sexual assault lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens will do their very best to fight on your behalf until you get the justice you so rightfully deserve. The consequences of sexual battery can have a profound effect on the victim that can remain with them for the rest of their life. Understanding your rights and taking the necessary steps to bring the culprit to justice can help to relieve some of the trauma and pain caused by the incident, as well as offer some form of closure.

If you are looking for a competent and experienced sexual assault and personal injury attorney in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, look no further than Steinberg. Contact us on 877-783-4611 to learn more about our legal services.

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How Does Florida Define Sexual Abuse?

In the state of Florida, sexual abuse is defined as forcing unwanted sexual behavior on another person. Sexual abuse is a felony offense and can include cases such as rape, molestation, and sexual harassment.

Types of sexual abuse covered under Florida Law include:

  •  Any sexual act that happens without a victim providing consent.
  •  Any instance of violence or force being used in a non-consensual sexual act.
  •  Coercing a victim into engaging in sexual activity by for instance touching them inappropriately.
  •  Any sexual or non-consensual physical contact, regardless of where it is on the body.
  •  Rape and attempted rape
  •  Sexual harassment or non-consensual conduct relating to sex, including written sexual misconduct, and verbal and physical abuse. Disparaging sexual jokes and unwanted advances may also be considered as sexual harassment in certain circumstances.

Sexual abuse also includes sexual intimidation, such as stalking or threatening to perform an unwanted sexual act. Indecent exposure is also considered a form of sexual abuse. Overall, sexual abuse is any sexual activity that does not involve a victim giving consent.

Sexual assault can result in serious physical and psychological trauma that can impact a victim’s daily life forever. Seeking treatment from a physician or psychologist after a sexual abuse incident is one of the best ways to mitigate the adverse effects of sexual assault.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Sexual Abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

The sad reality is that most cases of sexual abuse are perpetrated by an individual who is known to the victim, such as a family member, a colleague, or a friend they know and trust. Sexual abuse can also occur with someone who you regularly have sex with, such as a spouse or partner, and this is actually very common. While women can and do commit sexual abuse, it’s reported that over 90% of the individuals who commit sexual abuse are men.

Getting justice in rape and sexual abuse cases is not always easy in the criminal justice system, where guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. However, a Palm Beach Gardens sexual assault lawyer may be able to give you a much-needed win in the civil courts.

Every sexual abuse and rape victim in Palm Beach Gardens has a right to pursue legal action and seek compensation from both the perpetrator of the crime and anybody who had a responsibility to provide adequate security to the victim but did not do so, thereby creating a conducive environment for the sexual abuse or rape to occur.
As a result, it may be possible for you to seek financial damages from:

  •  Alarm system manufacturers
  •  Schools or universities
  •  Lock manufacturers
  •  Private security companies
  •  Motel or hotel owners

Where Can Sexual Abuse Injuries Take Place in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

The fact is that sexual abuse or harassment can take place in a variety of places, including at home, in public places, at work, at school, on mass transit, and more. Public places are by far the most common location where sexual assault injuries occur. Overall, the top 3 locations where victims report sexual assault in Palm Beach Gardens are in public places, at work (including internships and part-time jobs), and at home.

Regardless of where the sexual assault occurs, it’s important that a victim understand that they have a legal right to seek justice for any injuries or harm they sustain. If you’re unsure of whether you have a valid claim, our attorneys can offer sound and accurate legal advice that you can trust.

How Will Steinberg Law Effectively Pursue My Sexual Abuse Case in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

At Steinberg Law, we believe that securing financial compensation for sexual abuse victims can help them to meet their medical expenses as well as find a sense of justice. On top of pursuing a criminal case against the perpetrator of the abuse, it is also possible for you to file a sexual abuse claim in civil court and seek damages from the responsible parties.

Those who struggle with psychological and physical injuries after sexual abuse should discuss their legal options with sexual assault lawyers as soon as possible. At Steinberg Law in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, we know how personal and sensitive this type of event can be. This is why we aim to offer compassionate help that you can rely on for all sexual assault victims.

We will help you to hold the perpetrator and other responsible parties accountable for their actions and/or inactions. If you wish to discuss the specifics of your case with one of our sexual abuse attorneys, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 877-783-4611 to schedule a free consultation with a Palm Beach Gardens sexual assault lawyer today.

Is There a Time Limit to File a Sexual Abuse Claim in Florida?

The victim of sexual assault has only a limited amount of time to file criminal charges. However, in some cases, the time limit does not exist, and a victim is free to file criminal charges at any time.

Florida’s law dictates that any individual filing a claim for sexual abuse in court must do so within the following timeline:

  •  There is no time limit for victims under 18 years of age to file a sexual abuse claim in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
  •  Within 4 years from when a victim leaves the abuser’s dependency, or Within 4 years of a realization that a connection exists between an injury and abuse.
  •  7 years after the victim reaches the age of 18.

Many states, including Florida, have waived statutes of limitations on child rape and molestation.

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At Steinberg Law, we take sexual abuse cases very seriously. If you or a person you know was a victim of sexual abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, you should talk to one of our sexual assault lawyers regarding your rights as well as potential compensation. A highly-skilled and experienced lawyer will review the facts of your case and help you determine whether you have a valid claim. They will be ready and willing to sit down with you and discuss this very sensitive subject and offer you sound legal advice on the best way forward.

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