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Drunk driving is a serious charge, and when alcohol is potentially a cause of an accident things can get even more legally complicated for all involved. If you find yourself the victim of an accident and you suspect drunk driving or the police confirmed it with a breathalyzer on the other driver, it’s time to lawyer up and get a skilled and experienced drunk driving accident attorney in Palm Beach Gardens on your side, advocating for your rights.

At Steinberg Law, we are dedicated to providing passionate and skilled legal representation for our clients and making sure you get the legal protection and advocacy you deserve in your drunk driving accident case.

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Drunk Driving Statistics In Palm Beach County

In 2018 Palm Beach County saw 197 deaths via car accidents with nearly a third of them due to drunk driving. There are over 2,500 DUI convictions a year in Palm Beach County, and that’s a sobering thought when you realize how many drivers have been caught drunk driving…and how many more likely have not.

While it’s unfortunate, drunk drivers are a concern that individuals need to be wary of. And when the worst happens and you find yourself the victim of a drunk driving accident, then it’s time to get a lawyer who is going to fight for you.

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What Are The BAC Limits In Florida?

The legal limit for blood alcohol content in the state of Florida is .08. Anything above this is considered breaking the law and driving while impaired. Even if the person doesn’t seem to be showing any obvious signs of impairment, even if they pass the field tests if their BAC is over .08 they are legally intoxicated and impaired.

There is one important exception to this rule, and it’s harsher, not gentler. Florida has a “Zero Tolerance Law” for drivers who are under the age of 21.

Since those Florida drivers are too young to be legally drinking, any register of alcohol in the system of any kind is considered illegal and they are considered impaired. A 20-year-old who blows .01 is considered impaired. That is important to know when dealing with younger drivers who are involved or potentially involved in a drunk driving accident.

A woman after a drunk driving accident who makes someone call a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens

What To Do After An Accident With A Drunk Driver?

The first step is to stay at the scene of the accident. Never under any condition should you leave the scene. Make sure you and any passengers are okay, and if first aid is needed start that process while calling the paramedics. You want to call the police and ambulance to make sure proper officials are at the scene to make a report.

If you are okay, make sure to start recording any useful information. Take notes, use your phone, take a look at the scene, and record your recollection of what happened, damage to the vehicle, and any pain you’re feeling. Everything. That minor twinge in the back that “isn’t a big deal” when the adrenaline is flowing after an accident could end up being a serious and consistent soft tissue issue that needs to be addressed later.

Having that recorded on tape moments after the accident will help your case with any legal proceedings that go forward down the road.

What Damages Can You Recover After a Drunk Driving Accident in Florida?

If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident in Florida, there are two types of damages that need to be considered. The first one is for direct bills and provable loss of income. This covers things like lost wages, medical bills, vehicle repairs, and any other issues tied into those.

Then there are also punitive damages. These are aimed at the perpetrator and take into account pain and suffering, emotional distress, and punishment for the negligent and reckless behavior that led to the accident in the first place.

Both types of damages can be available in a Palm Beach Gardens drunk driving case, and you want a drunk driving accident lawyer who will fight for all the compensation due to you.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim in Florida?

Under Florida law, a resident has four years from the date of the accident to file a claim for injuries and/or damages. This is to give plenty of time for those who are severely injured, in the hospital, or otherwise have their lives thrown into disarray because of the accident.

That said, it’s important to get the claim filed sooner rather than later whenever possible. The sooner to the accident that the claim is filed, the fresher memories are going to be, the easier it will be to locate important evidence, get witness statements, and build a strong case.

These claims don’t have to be tried immediately in many cases, so filing early gives time to properly prepare and make sure you have the best possible case moving forward into court.

How Much Will an Attorney Cost?

The contingency fee will vary from lawyer to lawyer. This can also depend on the facts of the case and what parties are involved. We do offer a 1-hour FREE consultation.

You can contact Steinberg Law at 877-783-4611 to discuss your initial consultation.

Contact A Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens

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