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If you or a loved one has been injured on a cruise ship, you have the legal right to seek compensation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. This is made possible by federal and state maritime law. Maritime or admiralty law is a set of laws that govern the sea and deals with maritime navigation, commerce, shipping, salvaging, and the transport of people and goods by sea. As such, if you are looking for a cruise ship accident attorney in Palm Beach Gardens, you need one that is familiar with the US laws and regulations that govern both the oceans and US vessels. The attorney must also be familiar with international laws that govern international waters.

Originally, maritime laws referred only to ocean waters, but today, they incorporate any navigable body of water within the territories of America, such as harbors, rivers, lakes, and canals. This law protects all who are injured or have an accident (passengers and crew members).

Because maritime law is complex and has a shorter statute of limitation, you need the services of an experienced cruise ship accident attorney in Palm Beach Gardens. This is where we come into the picture. Over the years, we have gained experience, skills, and training on this part of the law and how to navigate through complex judicial systems.

At Steinberg Law, we are dedicated to assisting clients who need a maritime lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens. Because maritime law is unique, it is wise to seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. This is why we offer free case evaluations. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about your legal options, ask questions, and decide what legal action to take. To book your free consultation session, call us at 877-783-4611.

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In a Cruise Ship Injury and Assault Case, Who Is Held Liable?

First, it is important to note that when you purchase a ticket and board a cruise ship, you automatically accept the cruise line’s contract. You will see the fine print of the contract at the bottom of the ticket. As such, when you board the cruise line, you legally consent to the terms of the cruise line. The contract can bar injured parties from pursuing certain claims against the cruise ship line. The contract may also include other important information, such as the deadline for filing a claim.

That being the case, if you are a cruise-goer, it is important to note that cruise lines are governed by specific laws. As such, it gives injured parties the legal right to seek legal assistance in pursuing compensation.

Under maritime law, all cruises that leave U.S. waters are known as common carriers. Since these are common carriers, the entity or individual that is controlling the ship is held to an ordinary duty of care with respect to the passengers and crew members on the vessel. For this reason, the following can be held liable for injuries and assault in a cruise ship case:

  •  The company that chartered the cruise ship
  •  The owner of the cruise ship
  •  The company that operates the cruise ship
  •  The company or agent that sold the tickets for the cruise ship

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What Types of Cruise Ship Injuries and Assaults Can Be Reported?

The sad truth is that the majority of serious and tragic cruise ship accidents are those that involve criminal acts. Just like on land, cruise passengers can fall prey to people with malicious intentions and suffer injuries from crimes related to:

Injured victims due to the negligence of cruise ship security have the right to seek compensation. Cruise ship security negligence is when a cruise ship fails to provide adequate or reasonable security to cruise passengers. Negligent security on a cruise ship is shown by the following:

  •  Poor lighting in hallways or decks in the cruise ship
  •  Broken locks on doors
  •  The cruise ship has Improperly trained security personnel
  •  The cruise ship does not have adequate security forces
  •  Security cameras that do not work

With this in mind, a person can file for the following cruise ship injuries and assaults:

  •  A loose handrail that causes a fall
  •  Torn carpeting that caused an accident
  •  A malfunctioning elevator that caused an injury
  •  Improper signage or caution signs

NOTE: These are just a few examples. To properly know if you have a case, contact us today and take advantage of the free case evaluation session. By talking to us, you will get an opportunity to learn more about your case, the best action to take, and more. All you have to do is call us today.

How Do You Report An Injury To A Cruise Line?

The first step to take is to inform the cruise line’s relevant authority. This can be the captain of the vessel, the cruise line, the ticket administrator, and others. You have to put it on written notice. Do not forget to include the date of the injury, the circumstance leading up to the injury, and the ship name. Nevertheless, the best action to take after informing the relevant cruise line authority is to consult with a maritime attorney in Florida.

What Are The Most Common Dangers On A Cruise Ship?

Here are some of those more common dangers present on cruise ships:

  •  Virus outbreaks
  •  Activity-related injuries
  •  Slip and fall accidents
  •  Shore excursion injuries
  •  Brain injuries
  •  Onboard medical malpractice
  •  Falling overboard
  •  Injuries related to fire accidents
  •  Waterslide or pool accidents
  •  Dock accidents
  •  Spinal Cord injuries
  •  Injuries related to recreation activities
  •  Sexual assault and physical assaults

What Are Recoverable Damages In A Cruise Ship Accident Claim?

Just like ordinary accidents or personal injury accidents on land, recoverable damage may include medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional damage. It is important to note that the majority of injury claims filed against a cruise line fall under premises liability claims. These are injuries related to the negligence of others. Therefore, recoverable damages can be classified into 3 groups. These are: –

  • Economic Damages – These are damages that have value. These are losses that can be calculated by taking into account the amount lost. For example, medical expenses, lost income, and more.
  • Non-Economic Damages – These are damages that have no specified value. These are losses that cannot be calculated or proven but are known to be there. For example, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and more.
  • Punitive Damages – This type of damage is awarded in the case that involves malicious actions or complete disregard for others. It is intended to punish the offenders.

Why Do You Need A Specialist For A Cruise Ship Personal Injury Claim?

You may need an experienced cruise ship personal injury attorney for many reasons. Below are just a few reasons:

  •  Protecting you from insurance companies
  •  Maximize your financial recovery
  •  Protect yourself if you share fault
  •  Representation and negotiations

How Can I Hold The Cruise Company I Traveled With Responsible For My Accident While Abroad The Ship?

The actions you take while aboard the cruise ship after an accident can either make or break your compensation claims. First, try to document everything relevant to your case. Identify witnesses and collect their contact information. After doing all this, contact our experienced Steinberg Law maritime attorney.

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Overview Of Ship Owner’s Duty Of Care And General Maritime Law

Cruise ships are considered common carriers based on maritime law. This means that they are obligated to exercise a special duty beyond reasonable care for their passengers. As such, cruise ships are required to exercise the highest degree of care to protect their passengers against physical harm. As such, they are obligated to ensure the passengers are safe at all times and reasonable care is observed. If a cruise liner fails to observe these standards, they are liable. In a nutshell, these are the duties of care cruise liners should observe.

Therefore, if a cruise ship fails to observe these standards and an injury arises, one has the right to file a claim. On the other hand, if the injury was caused by a third party on the ship, the victim can bring a personal injury case in a civil court against the entity or individual.

Maritime law protects those who are injured or have an accident aboard a vessel. This means crew members and passengers. It is also important to note that there are different types of admiralty law or maritime law. That is because accidents at sea differ and range from a simple slip and fall to more severe events like loss of life. Because maritime laws and codes are difficult to navigate through, it is always wise to seek the services of trained and experienced personnel.

Here are some of the different types of maritime law:

  • Seaman Claim and The Jones ActThe Jones Act is a section under the maritime act or law that protects seamen against ship owners whose vessels are determined not to be seaworthy.
  • Recreational Boating – This is a section under maritime law that governs recreation boating and water sports.
  • Cruise Ship Accidents – This is a section under the maritime act that governs cruise ships and the regulations regarding making claims involving or against a cruise ship.
  • Offshore Workers – This is a section under maritime law that governs and protects offshore workers. This helps protect workers who are not qualified as seamen because they work on permanent, anchored offshore rigs such as those that drill for oil.

For Legal Consultation and Case Evaluation, Contact a Cruise Ship Accident Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens Today.

Maritime law is complex compared to traditional personal injury cases. This is why one needs a well-experienced and skilled cruise ship accident attorney in Palm Beach Gardens to work on your case. They should be well-versed in admiralty law. If you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of others or a cruise ship liner, contact us today.

At Steinberg Law, we have represented many injured ship passengers and crew members from across the world. That is because, aside from knowing the maritime code part of the law, our cruise ship attorneys are well versed in international laws.

Because we understand that finding the right cruise ship accident attorney for your case can be challenging and sometimes difficult, we offer free non-obligational consultation services. During the free consultation session, you get an opportunity to ask questions, know your legal options, and discuss anything else that is relevant to your case. Take advantage of this offer by calling our experienced cruise ship accident attorney today at 877-783-4611.