What Is a Negligent Security Attorney in Fort Lauderdale?

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Proper security measures such as security guards, alarm systems, and security cameras are often put in place by homeowners and businesses to help keep people safe. It’s not uncommon for people to hold property owners accountable for injuries they incurred due to a crime that happened due to a lack of security measures. A negligent security attorney in Fort Lauderdale filing a claim in court bases this claim under the category of law known as Premises Liability, meaning that the owner of the premises is liable for injuries that someone else incurs while visiting.

What Is Security Negligence?

Negligent security can happen anywhere on commercial or residential property. For example, it occurs when someone suffers an injury from an attack or assault as the result of improper security. When a business or homeowner is negligent, it means they did not have the proper security measures in place to help prevent your injury. Types of negligent security injuries include armed robbery, assault/battery, sexual assaults, and even death.

How Do You Prove Legal Negligence of Security?

To help prove you or someone you loved were injured due to security negligence, it must be shown that the necessary security measures to keep you safe were not in place at the time. This may include broken fences, gates, or locks, as well as several other issues such as lack of security guards/cameras/alarms, malfunctioning security equipment, unqualified/untrained guards, and inadequate lighting.

Your negligent security attorney in Fort Lauderdale will review the facts and examine the evidence to determine whether you have a viable claim. There is a statute of limitations, so it’s important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible
after your injury to determine whether they can prove negligence in a court of law.

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