A Car Accident Attorney in Boynton Beach Explains How a Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your Claim

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An auto accident is never fun for anyone involved. The process of  making an insurance claim can be complicated, and there can be many  variables that affect it.

You likely wonder if getting a traffic ticket in the past could affect your  claim. Here is what you need to know about how traffic tickets may or  may not affect your claim according to a car accident attorney in  Boynton Beach.

How Can a Traffic Ticket Affect a Claim? 

If you incur a lot of injuries, you can file to receive damages from the at fault driver. A traffic ticket is just one of many variables that can affect  the amount of damages you can claim.

If you received a traffic ticket and feel you were not at fault for causing  an accident, it is important to contact a Boynton Beach car accident  attorney to fight that ticket and advocate for your rights.

When Will a Traffic Ticket Affect a Claim? 

An insurer may use a previous citation(s) to suggest that you are an  irresponsible driver and were more at fault in the accident than you  actually were. This will depend greatly on the type of accident and the  occurrence that led to your ticket.

The most likely reason a citation will affect your claim is if you were  cited for another offense that may have led to the accident, such as  speeding. Traffic tickets that are the result of tailgating, distracted driving, illegal lane changes, or failure to stop at a red light may be used  against you by an insurer.

When Does a Traffic Ticket Not Affect a Claim? 

Citations given at the scene of an accident that are the result of  concerns such a broken taillight or missing license plate number will  likely not affect your claim. However, you should keep in mind the  circumstances of a crash. In some cases, a broken tail light can be  relevant to an accident.

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