How Social Media Can Damage Your Jupiter, Florida Car Accident Lawsuit

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From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and TikTok, there are more social media platforms than ever. And while sharing your life with people all over the world can be fun, it may also jeopardize your car accident lawsuit. Such is the case when it comes to social media use while an accident claim is pending.

Irresponsible posts and comments can potentially weaken or even destroy your case. The Jupiter, Florida car accident attorneys of Steinberg Law offer some advice for being careful with your social media accounts.

Pictures, Posts, and Problems

A simple example of how social media can harm your lawsuit involves the posting of pictures. If you’ve been in an accident, you will probably have some physical limitations. And most victims would not knowingly post something on social media suggesting they have no such limitations.

But pictures present a tricky situation, especially if you are claiming non-physical injuries. These are conditions such as anxiety, depression, and decreased quality of life. The at-fault driver’s lawyer will try to find evidence that you’re not really suffering.

A photo posted on Instagram, which would be easy to find, could hand that lawyer the evidence he or she wants. For example, a picture of you enjoying your time at a social event would suggest you’re not suffering from depression. Even if your depression is real and serious, that picture doesn’t help your cause.

Status updates can risk the same problem. You may post a positive, upbeat message on your account that seems harmless. But your Jupiter, Florida car crash attorney might be forced to defend such content later. The question may arise, are you really as hurt as you claim when your social media posts suggest otherwise?

Raising Unnecessary Questions

The basic problem with social media is that it can paint a picture of you that’s inconsistent with your injuries. Even if there’s nothing really wrong with your post, it may raise questions. This unnecessarily puts you and your Jupiter car accident lawyer on the defensive. 

Here’s an example. Suppose you broke your leg in your car accident. You demand, as part of your lawsuit, damages for pain and suffering and loss of mobility. While your trial is pending, you take a trip to the beach to relax. This is perfectly reasonable; an injured person can lie on the beach and enjoy the time away.

But then you start posting pictures from your beach trip on social media. This is sure to get the defendant’s attention. It’s not hard to understand why: it seems contradictory that you’re enjoying your time at the beach while claiming injuries.

This also opens the door to additional questions. What else did you do while at the beach? Why aren’t there pictures of those other activities? Just asking these questions could raise doubts with a jury.

Don’t Talk About Your Injuries or Money

It’s a good idea to not post at all about your lawsuit. But if you’re going to mention it, don’t comment about your injuries. You may not actually know how serious your condition is. However, anything suggesting you’re not as injured as your lawsuit says could hurt your claim. Even with expert witness testimony in your favor, a juror may zero in on your own assessments.

Also, don’t talk about money. Saying what you want or think you will get from your lawsuit is strongly advised against. To begin with, you may not be considering all the damages to which you’re entitled. A Jupiter, Florida automobile accident attorney is in a better position to estimate your damages.

Also, discussing money makes it look like you’re trying to “cash in” on your accident. This again makes your lawyer’s job more difficult.

Our Attorneys Are Ready to Handle Your Car Accident Lawsuit

If you’ve been injured, you deserve the experience of skilled legal counsel. You deserve the Jupiter, Florida car accident law firm of Steinberg Law. We can advise how best to handle your social media accounts while your case is pending. Give us a call today to begin your claim.