What Do Expert Witnesses Do in a Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawsuit?

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Automobile accidents present jury members with complex sets of facts. Laypeople are tasked with understanding these facts so they can render an appropriate verdict. But not everyone is sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to explain the more complicated aspects of a car accident lawsuit.

Expert witnesses are often called upon in trial to help jurors learn what they need to decide. When it comes to a Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawsuit, the attorneys of Steinberg Law regularly consult with expert witnesses. It’s part of the work we do to build a compelling case on behalf of our clients.

Who Are Expert Witnesses?

In Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawsuits, there are two types of witnesses: lay and expert. A lay witness is competent to testify about facts. They can explain what they saw, heard, perceived, or otherwise came to know about the wreck. They can report the essential facts needed to support a car accident case.

But interpreting or explaining those facts is another matter. Lay witnesses are not able to testify about highly technical subjects and specialized knowledge. This is where expert witnesses come in.

Expert witnesses in a Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawsuit will draw upon their education and background to help jurors understand the significance of the facts. Expert witnesses can either help establish the plaintiff’s case or refute the defendant’s arguments.

How Your Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawsuit Will Benefit From Expert Witnesses

Depending on the nature of your Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawsuit, you may need several types of expert witnesses testifying on your behalf. Here are some common examples:

Accident Reconstructionists

Sometimes, lay witnesses don’t see all of the critical events leading up to car wrecks. The accident may not have been witnessed at all. An accident reconstructionist is someone who can explain how the crash probably occurred.

By analyzing data at the accident scene, including the wrecked vehicles, this expert witness can reconstruct the events in question. This can help establish the at-fault driver’s negligence.

Medical Experts

This group of experts is often relied upon to explain the victim’s injuries and likely prognosis. Such testimony is especially helpful when seeking future damages. When you file and litigate your car accident case, you likely will still need medical attention for your injuries.

Treatments could span months or years into the future, or possibly the rest of your life. An expert witness can provide a reasonable forecast of the treatments you’ll need. Your Palm Beach Gardens car crash attorney can use this testimony to determine how much in monetary compensation to demand.


One category of damages you will likely seek relates to the financial consequences of your accident. You may miss time from work or struggle to return to the career you had before the wreck. You may miss out on significant future earnings, bonuses, and other compensation as well.

Economists can help assign dollar values to past, present, and future job-related losses. One type, a vocational expert, can explain the type of work you can do in light of your injuries.

Our Team Is Ready to Fight for You

A car accident lawsuit is a serious matter, and they require serious legal representation. At Steinberg Law, our Palm Beach Gardens injury lawyers understand that. We have a network of expert witnesses we are ready to utilize in support of your lawsuit. That is the level of commitment to your case that numerous other clients have come to trust.

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