Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Worth Cost Money?

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If you’re involved in one of the 500+ car accidents that happen daily in Florida, the last thing on your mind might be hiring an attorney. But after calling the police to file a report, exchanging insurance information, and seeking a medical evaluation to determine your injuries, that’s exactly what you should do. Whether or not you were at fault, a lawyer can let you know if you need legal representation.

However, you may not have the cash in-hand to pay for one at this time. Does a car accident lawyer in Lake Worth cost money? Here’s what you should know.

So Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Worth Cost Money?

That depends. Typically, a car accident lawyer does not charge for an initial consultation, offering a free case review to determine whether you might benefit from their services.

If you are the plaintiff, you’re likely the injured party. Most South Florida personal injury lawyers work for a plaintiff on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not charge a fee unless and until they win the case.

This fee is often one-third of your settlement award, though it may be anywhere from 15% to 40%. Some attorneys structure their fees in tiers based on the amount of your settlement, taking a smaller percentage of higher dollar amounts.

You should know that you may be responsible for costs such as medical record fees, postage, and other expenses incurred by the lawyer as you go. However, it’s typical for these fees to be paid by your attorney upfront and then reconciled after they take the fee from your settlement.

If you are the defendant, the personal injury lawyer you choose will likely charge you upfront for all expenses, including their services. They will likely charge you a flat rate per hour.

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