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Thousands of personal injury claims are filed in every state across the country each year. Roughly 3 percent of those cases ultimately go to trial. The vast majority of these cases are settled out of court with the help of an experienced lawyer. With the right personal injury lawyer in Boca Raton, you can get the compensation you are owed for your injuries without waiting years for a tedious legal battle.

Personal injury claims can involve a wide array of liable parties. One of our jobs is to find out exactly who that liable party is in your specific case. We find who is responsible for your injuries and then demand that pay for your financial and personal losses. If we cannot negotiate a fair settlement, then we will take them to court and plead your case in front of a jury.

We handle personal injury cases just like yours every day at Steinberg Law. If you’ve been injured due to the actions of a third party, then you have every right to sue for compensation. Don’t wait any longer than you need to. Pick up the phone and our office today at 877-783-4611 to schedule an appointment.

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Steps to Take After an Injury

Here are the steps that should be taking directly after your injury:

Seek Emergency Medical Assistance

If your injury is severe, then you should seek medical attention immediately. Nothing is more important than ensuring your survival. If you can, contact a friend or family member to visit the scene of the accident. They can be responsible for gathering the evidence discussed in the next steps. But if you are able, then you can collect the evidence yourself before visiting a hospital. Do not dispose of any receipts or records from your medical treatment.

Report the Accident

This is usually the first step that people take in a car accident. When you contact the local authorities you have an opportunity to report the accident and receive medical transportation at the same time. If you are injured at work, then you should report the accident to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Take Photos of the Accident Scene

Photos of an accident scene can become vital evidence during a personal injury claim. The defendant can make all sorts of claims but if you have photos of the scene, then it is very difficult for them to lie. For example, suppose you take photos of an automobile accident immediately after the accident. In that case, it becomes straightforward to tell where each driver was coming from and who was responsible.

Gather Contact Info From Witnesses

If anyone witnesses the accident, then you should consider asking for their contact information. Their testimony may prove useful when disputing the incident with the defendant’s legal team. Some pedestrians won’t be comfortable providing this contact information but they may be willing to speak with the authorities at the scene. Witness testimonies are extremely useful in those rare cases that make it in front of a jury, and can deter people from refusing a settlement offer.

Don’t Admit Guilt

You should never admit guilt unless you’ve discussed it with your lawyer and it’s the best possible course of action. Telling the police or the defendant that you are guilty is very hard to come back from. Simply explain to the authorities what happened, gather your evidence, and get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

Find a Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is going to make all the difference in your case. You don’t just want a lawyer who will win. You want a lawyer who will get you the best possible settlement. You deserve to be financially compensated for all of the pain and suffering you endured. That’s why you should trust Steinberg Law in the Boca Raton region.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Plenty of people believe it would be faster and more affordable to file their claim without a lawyer. After all, that means they won’t have to pay the legal team. But what’s important to understand is that claims without a lawyer rarely settle for a fair amount. On average, plaintiffs who hire a lawyer earn settlements that are 3 times as high as those without a lawyer.

Lawyers Prepare the Case

There are a lot of tedious steps required to file and prepare for a claim. If you’re dealing with a serious injury, then this is precious time you should be using to heal and rehabilitate. With a lawyer, you can relax and leave all of the boring paperwork to the professionals.

Lawyers Negotiate Better Settlements

Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. They will do everything they can to keep the settlement at a minimum. Without a lawyer, you may not earn enough to even cover basic medical bills. A professional lawyer can get you fair compensation for your losses.

Lawyers Fight For You in Court

Only around 3 percent of all personal injury cases go to court. If you are in that group, then you will be glad you have a professional legal team on your side. They handle all of the trial prep work, prepare witnesses, and present the evidence.

Three Types of Damages You Can Recover in Florida

Non-Economic Damages

Pain & suffering, loss of reputation, and loss of enjoyment are all common examples of non-economic damages. These are personal losses that can’t be calculated with records and receipts.

Economic Damages

Medical expenses, property damage, and loss of income are all examples of economic damages. These are purely financial losses that can be calculated using receipts and other financial records.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are an additional damage type that does not cover any specific loss. It is used entirely as a punishment for defendants who are habitual offenders or who behave with extreme disregard for safety.

How is Liability Determined in Boca Raton?

Florida operates with comparative negligence laws. This means the defendant is responsible for covering damages equal to his percentage of liability. For example, if the defendant is found to be 70 percent liable, then they will pay for 70 percent of the total damages even if the plaintiff is responsible for the other 30 percent. There are four key points that must be proven to show liability through negligence.

Duty of Care

Did the defendant owe the injured party a duty of care? This will depend entirely on the defendant’s profession, their relation to the injured party, and what actions they were performing at the time of the accident. Drivers, doctors, business owners, and contractors all owe a duty of care at different times.


Did the defendant fail to do their duty? If they were a contractor, did they use safe building practices with approved materials? If they were a retail owner, did they sell a defective product that caused an injury? If they were a driver, did they operate their vehicle safely with a legal BAC?


Is the breach directly responsible for the injury? It’s possible for the defendant to be involved in the accident without causing the injury through a breach of duty.


What damages were caused by the breach of duty? This includes medical bills, property damage, loss of income, and other non-economic damages. They must all be directly connected to the injury caused by the breach of duty.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

The Statute of Limitations in Florida for personal injury is usually four years. This number can change in some less common circumstances, but be sure to call us to figure out your situation.

How Much Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost in Boca Raton, FL?

You pay no upfront costs for your personal injury lawyer in Florida. Personal injury lawyers are only paid if you win the case in court or receive a settlement. This is called a contingency fee and can be as high as 35 percent.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle at Steinberg Law

Here are just a few of the types of cases we handle:

Vehicle Accidents

We handle cases relating to all types of vehicle accidents in Boca Raton. This can include standard car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and commercial vehicle accidents.

Workers’ Compensation

Most workers’ compensation claims are handled within the confines of the workplace. However, sometimes the insurance companies refuse to make necessary payments or even decline coverage altogether. We can help you overturn that ruling and receive the assistance you are owed.

Wrongful Death

In the worst of cases, an accident is so severe that it leads to death. But that doesn’t mean the responsible party is free from covering damages. They can still be held liable for medical expenses, funeral costs, and the full value of the deceased’s life. Wrongful death is a case we have extensive experience in.

Amusement Park Injuries

Roughly 8,000 people are injured at amusement parks each year. Quite a few of those accidents happen right here in Florida. Amusement park owners owe a duty to their customers to keep them safe as long as they follow the guidelines. When park owners fail to meet this requirement they can be held liable.

Negligent Security

Security personnel owes a duty of care to their clients and the civilians they are paid to protect. If they are tasked with protecting customers in a building but are negligent on the job, then serious accidents can occur and someone has to be held responsible.

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We handle personal injury cases every day that range from minor inconveniences to lifelong disabilities. Everyone who is injured because of a negligent third party has the legal right to seek compensation and the legal right to seek assistance from a lawyer. Steinberg Law is here to help the people of Boca Raton receive their fair compensation. Call us at 877-783-4611 when you’re ready to schedule a consultation appointment.