5 Tips for Avoiding Sideswipe Car Accidents

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Have you ever been involved in a side collision in the past and are looking for ways to avoid another one? Are you worried about your kids while driving on the road? If so, you need to learn everything you can about how to avoid car collisions in Palm Beach Gardens.

Part of the process is to know and avoid the most common situations that may result in sideswipe collisions. Let’s dig in to unveil a detailed guide on side impacts and how you can proactively avoid them in your life.

NCBI estimates that side collisions are reported to have more serious injuries and deaths than other types of collisions. Drivers of vehicles with a “good” front seat safety rating are reported to be 70% less likely to die in accidents than vehicles with a low rating.

Rear-seat passengers may be more prone to injury than front-row passengers, who have more advanced safety technology, suggesting that rear-seat passengers require more attention.

Always Use Your Turn Signal

Turn signals are arguably the most overlooked aspect of a car. Our vehicles today are packed with safety features such as emergency lane assist and forward/reverse warning, but we have not yet used a feature that alerts others while driving our vehicles.

A side collision occurs when two cars on the same side of the road collide with each other. The most common side impact is when one (or both) of the vehicles recklessly try to move into a different lane. They move into lanes without turn signals, trying to overtake the traffic behind them.

You have no control over how other people decide to drive; however, caution on your part can ensure that you do not get into an accident. Be sure to use the turn signals every time you enter a different lane.

Moreover, when turning to look at your blind spot, be sure to look about 33 feet behind you and not just where you merge. That way you can see the reckless drivers approaching if any.

Resist the Urge to Speed

There may be situations in your life when you are late for work and there is this innate pressure to drive fast and get to work on time. Overspeeding is one of the main causes of sideswipe collisions because it shortens your reaction time.

Suppose you are speeding 10 -15 miles per hour because there is no vehicle ahead in your lane. The car in the other lane then quickly enters your lane without any warning. Since you can’t see it, they will start to merge and possibly slide over your car.

Overspeeding can also cause you to lose control of the steering wheel and possibly crash into a vehicle near you. All it takes is 1-2 seconds of loss of control to cause car collisions in Florida.

Remove Distractions

Many drivers are distracted on the road by technological advancements or gadgets in their new cars. They are distracted by the infotainment system, and most of all they are distracted by their smartphones. Not surprisingly, the number of fatal accidents has increased over the past year. The death rate rose by 24%, although the number of cars on the streets has decreased.

You have no control over the other driver, and if they are distracted by their phones, you can eliminate your distractions to make sure you are aware and in complete control.

Additionally, be aware of the signs of distracted drivers to avoid driving alongside them in the next lane. If someone is driving at a significant speed, cornering, accelerating, and decelerating, this is a sign that the driver could be writing a text message.

Avoid Intoxicated Drivers and Side Collisions

This advice should not need to be included on this list. However, the number of drunk drivers on the road today is too high to be ignored. All you can do is recognize the signs of a drunk driver and then avoid them.

You can even slow down to make sure they don’t have a knee-jerk reaction causing side impacts. If you notice that the driver is suddenly moving or making a sharp turn, try not to drive next to them. Maintain a reasonable distance from them.

Do Not Engage in Road Rage

Road rage is a real danger to anyone on the road. Uncontrollable anger manifests itself in the driver making bad decisions that they would not have made if they were of a sound mind. Whatever you do, don’t get involved. Watch the road and cars, not the people who drive them. Even if you are not prone to road rage, this trap is easy to cave into if other drivers try to push you back.

Hurt in a Sideswipe Collision? Call a Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawyer

Now that you have read about some helpful tips on how to reduce the risk of side collisions in your life, make sure you utilize them effectively.

If you are ever involved in a car crash in Palm Beach Gardens, be sure to contact our team at Steinberg Law to learn how you should handle your accident, from the moment it occurs.