Five Things to Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

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Slip-and-fall accidents in Delray Beach can result in injuries ranging from mild to serious. In rare cases, a slip and fall may even result in the death of a victim. Under Florida law, you can seek compensatory damages if you have been injured in a slip-and-fall incident. A Delray Beach slip and fall lawyer can help you seek such damages from the at-fault party.

In any slip-and-fall accident, it is important to first identify the liable party. You also need to undertake other important steps right after your injury to ensure that your claim for damages is successful. Here is a look at some things you should do after a slip-and-fall injury.

Get Medical Help

Depending on your injury, it is important to seek immediate help after a slip-and-fall accident. If your injury is serious, you should report it to 911 and seek emergency medical assistance. Timely reporting of the incident ensures that paramedics arrive at the scene on time to help you with the injury and transport you to a local hospital if needed.

Law enforcement officers may not always respond to a slip-and-fall, as such incidents typically occur on personal property. However, in the rare instances when they do, any report they file about the incident can be an immensely useful piece of evidence for your claim.

If paramedics do not arrive to assist on the scene, you must still get medical attention as soon as you can. You should typically visit an emergency room for an immediate diagnosis, and later undergo a full evaluation by your regular physician.

Gather Relevant Evidence

If you are conscious and able after a slip-and-fall injury, make sure you gather any relevant evidence on the scene. For instance, if you slipped due to a wet floor, you may want to take photos of the wet floor as well as the surrounding area to show that there were no “Wet Floor” signs nearby.

Similarly, if your Delray Beach slip and fall accident was due to poor lighting, holes in the ground, broken handrails, or any other cause, make sure you take photos and make videos of the hazardous condition.

Get Witness Information

Slip-and-fall accidents on private or commercial properties typically occur in the presence of other witnesses. It is vital that you note down the names, contact information, and other witness details.

Statements from eyewitnesses are very powerful in substantiating a slip-and-call claim. So you will likely need to contact the witnesses later to seek their testimony regarding the incident.

Report the Slip and Fall Accident

Another important step you must take after a slip-and-fall injury is to report the accident. Depending on where the incident occurred, you may need to report it to a restaurant or store manager, the land owner, the person in possession of the property, or anyone else who is tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

You don’t need to go into the details at this point. Simply report the basic facts of the incident to the owner or caretaker.

Get Legal Help

Slip-and-fall incidents can sometimes become quite complicated. You first need to identify which party is liable for the hazardous condition on the property which led to your injury. You will also need to establish a direct condition between the dangerous condition and your slip-and-fall incident.

In addition, Florida has a four-year statute of limitations for slip-and-fall accidents under Florida Statutes Section 95.11(3). This means that you must file the claim within this period.

On your own, you may find these tasks daunting and overwhelming. However, with the help of an experienced lawyer, you are able to file a claim for damages in no time after ticking off all of the above-mentioned tasks.

Your lawyer also negotiates with the at-fault party or the party’s insurer on your behalf to ensure a favorable settlement that covers your losses. At the end of the day, you may be able to recover full compensation covering medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other types of damages.

How Can a Delray Beach Slip and Fall Lawyer Help?

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With a long list of clients who were able to secure large and favorable settlements with our help, you can be sure of the very best legal help when approaching us. In slip-and-fall claims, our aim is to ensure the maximum amount of compensation for the victims.

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