When Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

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If you’ve been injured in an accident and you feel like you may be entitled to compensation, would you know how to contact and hire an attorney?  Most people do not have a need for a personal injury lawyer until an accident happens. However, it’s important to be generally familiar with what you need to know before hiring a lawyer. Besides, as soon as an accident occurs, the evidence needed to build a solid case can disappear quickly.

Do I Need to Hire a Local Attorney?

One common misconception, especially in big cities, is that you need to hire an attorney from a specific city, relative to where you live or where your accident occurred. Does your attorney need to be from the city where the accident occurred, where you live or where the defendant lives?  The short answer is: no.  Attorneys are licensed by the state to practice within that state. So, if your lawyer is licensed in Florida, they can represent clients anywhere in the State of Florida.

The Advantage of a Local Attorney

Having your attorney’s office just a few blocks from where you live is definitely a convenience. It is important to work with an attorney that you are comfortable with and if they are located more than an hour or two away, it can make meetings more difficult. Plus, it can be advantageous if your lawyer is familiar with the geographic area where the accident took place.

In some cases, it can be helpful if your lawyer has experience with the specific city laws and codes surrounding involved in your case. However, an experienced and capable attorney should be able to gather the appropriate evidence regardless of where the accident occurred.

Many people would probably be more comfortable with an attorney that is local to them and the area where the accident occurred.  Althought the location of your attorney’s office is certainly a factor, it is important that you consider other qualifications as well. Have they ever handled a case like this before? Are they prepared to go to court if necessary? How many cases have they won?

It’s important to have an attorney that you are comfortable with and that may involve considering one that is nearby.

If you think you have a case and you are looking for more information about what you should consider in your attorney, you can contact Steinberg Law for a free consultation.