When Do You Need a DUI Attorney in Delray Beach?

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Charged With a DUI? Now What?

No one should ever drive under the influence, as it could result in a harmful accident, prison time, and extensive fines. However, if you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need to consider hiring a professional attorney for several reasons. Don’t face the charges without expert help, as you could likely end up with rigorous testing, future employment challenges, and difficulty obtaining vehicle insurance. So, what are the advantages of consulting a DUI attorney in Delray Beach

Here Are the Advantages of a DUI Attorney in Delray Beach!

One of the court’s standard requirements following a DUI can be daily testing such as a urinalysis verification. You’ll likely be unable to drive a vehicle legally, so getting to and from these daily tests can be challenging. Even worse, if you fail to show up at the clinic even once, you could face jail time. Fortunately, a good attorney can work with the court to help reduce or even eliminate this requirement, making your life more manageable.

Another common issue after a DUI is that depending upon the severity of the court’s decision, you could end up with a criminal record. Without legal training, it’s nearly impossible to properly advocate for reducing penalties before the court. It can be challenging to get a job with a criminal record, as a background check is a standard part of the hiring practice. However, a strong attorney can possibly negotiate a lesser charge that includes community service and fines rather than a criminal record.  

Lastly, after a DUI, it can be impossible to get vehicle insurance in many cases. After all, following charges, the insurance company views you as a high risk. One way to help mitigate this situation is to have a quality attorney work on your behalf to demonstrate that lesser charges would be appropriate in the case. Receiving reduced charges, and with the help of an attorney working to navigate insurance options for you, it’s possible to get insured again.  

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