What Do I Say to Insurance When Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

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Personal injuries can present financial hardships. Along with visiting doctors, receiving treatments and medications for your current injury, there are also lost wages from missing work due to injury, future medical expenses and more to account for.

After filing your personal injury claim, an insurance company of the person or business responsible might contact you. If or when this happens, it’s important to be mindful of these facts:

What You Say To Insurance Can Be Used Against You

To demonstrate, if during the call with the adjuster or provider, you admit the accident was partially your fault, that could come back to haunt you. Not only could it result in the insurance company rejecting your claim, if you try to take the insurance provider to trial, they will use this statement against you as a basis for their defense.

While it’s acceptable to provide details of the accident, such as where it happened, how, and any injuries that occurred from it, do not in any way admit fault.

Insurance Companies Want to Settle

The prospect of dealing with an insurance company after going through an injury seems tedious. Therefore, when insurance companies offer settlements, they can be enticing. At the same time, you could be short changing yourself by accepting that settlement.

Keep in mind insurance companies are interested in protecting their bottom line financially, and won’t account for any future medical expenses that could arise from your injuries. In addition, if you accept their settlement and sign a release, you can no longer take the case to trial, where you could have received a just result.

Receive Legal Advice First

After you have been in an accident, call Steinberg Law immediately. Our team can set up a free consultation with you. During this initial meeting, we will take the time to learn more about the facts surrounding the accident, your injuries, and what problems they could present in the future.

We will also provide you with tips on how to speak to insurance companies and present you with all viable legal options available to you. Should you decide to retain our services, we will use our knowledge and resources to present the best possible case for you. What you will find is our attentive approach and excellent team of knowledgeable professionals can make you confident that you are taking the right action.