Two Top Tips When Buying a Car Insurance Policy in Wellington, Florida

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It’s essential when shopping for car insurance to be sure that you are fully protected with the right coverage. You certainly don’t want to pay premiums for a car insurance policy in Wellington that doesn’t cover your losses or the losses of any other party involved in a traffic accident for which you’re at fault. So, how do you ensure that you not only have the minimum coverage required by your state but also peace of mind knowing you are protected against the financial devastation caused by an insufficient policy? Here are the top two tips!

#1: When Buying a Car Insurance Policy in Wellington, Ask These Questions

Make sure to ask insurance providers the following questions when shopping for auto insurance:

  • What coverage do you suggest for collision, comprehensive, and uninsured / underinsured motorist protection, and why?
  • How much are my deductibles for each? Could I be responsible for any other out-of-pocket expenses?
  • How much is it to raise or lower my deductibles and / or coverage?
  • What personal injury protection (PIP) coverage do you recommend? What is covered if my car is in an accident that is my fault and someone is injured or dies?
  • Should I purchase an additional personal liability insurance policy?
  • Does this policy include gap coverage? Rental car coverage?
  • Is roadside assistance including towing included and available 24/7?
  • Do you offer policy discounts for safe drivers?

#2: Avoid These Mistakes

  • Choosing only the state minimum coverage can cost you a whole lot more in the long run if you’re liable for damages that exceed your policy limits. Don’t choose the cheapest policy that covers the bare minimum. Opt for higher deductibles to help reduce your monthly premiums.
  • Don’t forget to include all drivers in your household on your policy who may drive your car. It doesn’t cost much more and avoids any issues that may arise if someone else drives your vehicle and causes damages but isn’t on your policy.
  • Not comparing policies completely – everything from coverage limits to deductibles and premiums – can cost you a lot of money. Avoid choosing your plan based on your monthly expense by reviewing all policy details side by side after getting quotes from several companies.

Make Sure You Are Thoroughly Covered When It Comes to Personal Injury Protection to Avoid Personal Injury Lawsuits in Wellington

Making sure you’re covered helps you avoid another party suing you for a personal injury (PI) claim if your insurance policy coverage is not enough. You can make the process smoother for everyone by choosing a car insurance policy in Wellington that protects you in the worst case scenario, though you will never have to make a claim.

However, if you do have to make a claim to cover damages for another party you’ve injured, or you are involved in an accident due to negligence by another party, be sure to choose the top personal injury lawyer in Wellington to represent you.

You can find South Florida’s top PI lawyers here at Steinberg Law. Call us today at 1-877-STEIN11 to book a consultation for an insurance policy review or legal representation for your personal injury case!