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Proper vehicle maintenance can help to prevent auto accidents from occurring. One of the most important components of a vehicle is its tires. By keeping tires properly cared for, drivers can avoid potential issues from arising like a blown tire that could contribute to an accident. Here are a few proper tire care tips:

Maintain Proper Inflation

If an automobile has tires with low air pressure, this causes more of the tires’ surface area to make contact with the road, resulting in overheating. If there’s prolonged overheating due to under inflation, it might lead to the tire(s) blowing out. Therefore, keeping tires properly inflated is an important part of vehicle maintenance for owners. Luckily, this is easy to do, as many newer models contain built-in tire pressure gauges, which owners can read on the vehicle’s information display. Once they gain reading, they can consult the vehicle owner’s manual to ensure tires stay at the proper PSI levels as specified by the manufacturer. If drivers don’t have a built-in reader, they can buy a tire pressure gauge at Florida automotive and department stores.

Conduct Tire Rotations Regularly

Another item of maintenance concerns owners doing regularly scheduled maintenance as outlined in the vehicle manual. As part of this, it’s vital to do regular tire rotations—normally every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. One benefit of doing this is increased traction, as regular rotations ensure tires maintain traction on slick road surfaces. Another benefit is tires won’t wear out as fast since each will have even wear due to regular rotations. This lessens the chance the driver will incur a blowout when driving. Moreover, when having tire rotations conducted by a reputable service shop, the technician will inspect each tire to ensure it will work properly.

Driving Behaviors Affect Tires

Driving at excessive speeds places unneeded stress on tires, which over time can cause them to build up heat. As noted previously, overheating could result in a tire blowout that at high speeds could result in a dangerous accident. Another thing drivers should be mindful of is their vehicle’s load capacity. If owners tow more weight than the tire’s maximum limit it could contribute to overheating thus leading to tire damage and a greater propensity for an accident to occur.