Moving Truck Accidents – Who Should Be Held Liable?

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The moving truck industry is huge; roughly 31 million Americans moved in 2019, and the average American moved 11.7 times in their lifetime. That’s a lot of moving, meaning a lot of moving trucks, (approximately 50,000 rental and professional trucks in the United States), are on the road.

While unexpected, moving trucks can cause (or at least be involved in) motor vehicle accidents. If, and when, moving truck accidents happen, you may have questions, such as:

  • What causes such an event to happen?
  • Who is liable in the event of a crash?

Below you’ll find the answers to those questions and more.

Causes of moving truck accidents

Below are some of the most common causes related to moving truck collisions:

Distracted driving. The driver of the moving truck must remain focused as they drive from point A to point B. Just one look away from the road could spell trouble. Distracted driving activities include texting, eating, and changing the music on the phone.

Negligence. The driver may be driving negligently (such as refusing to apply proper braking techniques), or the driver’s company may enforce poor negligent practices.

Inadequate moving truck maintenance. The moving truck company may not be performing routine inspections and maintenance, which can cause the trucks to degrade and become road hazards.

Speeding. Moving truck drivers may fail to adhere to the posted speed limits, which can cause the loss of a truck’s control since the cargo of the truck also impacts the maneuverability of the truck.

Inexperience. If the moving truck driver doesn’t have the proper training or certifications, then they pose an increased risk of collision with another vehicle.

Unsecured cargo/overloaded trucks. If a moving truck contains cargo that’s not secured, then the truck risks rolling over, or the driver risks losing control of the truck. The same goes for overloaded trucks — overloaded trucks can roll over or suffer from control issues.

Inclement weather. Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and high winds all can affect the visibility and maneuverability of the moving truck.

Types of injuries caused by moving truck accidents

You may suffer from any of the following injuries if you are involved in a moving truck accident:

  • Bone fractures
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations and disfigurement
  • Internal injuries

Who should be held liable in the event of a moving truck accident?

There are four parties to be aware of when you’re considering who is at fault in a moving truck accident. They are the:

Truck company. The moving truck company may enforce some negligent policies for drivers that could lead to accidents. Some of these policies include incentivizing faster driving, improper training, and poor maintenance routines for the moving trucks.

Truck driver. The driver could also be held at fault in joint with the moving company if they recklessly drove, sped, or were under the influence of alcohol/drugs at the time of the collision.

Insurance company. Most of the time, insurance companies cover moving companies and their drivers under various insurance policies. These policies may cover the damages you suffer in the event of a moving truck accident.

Manufacturer of the moving trucks. Albeit rare, defects do pop up in moving trucks from time to time. If a defect is sure to cause the accident, then the manufacturer could be deemed at fault (unless the moving truck is rented, in that case, the moving truck company would be held responsible).

Seeking compensation as a victim of an accident involving a moving truck.

If you’ve been in a collision with a moving truck, you may be facing serious injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and severe quality of life issues.

Know that you are 100 percent entitled to compensation for vehicle damages, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional damages, and even death.

If you’re suffering after being injured in an accident involving a moving truck, you should consult a personal injury attorney who will fight for your right to compensation, all while you’re recovering from your injuries.