How to Negotiate with Car Insurance Companies after an Accident

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Being in a car accident can be a stressful occurrence. However, if you are seeking damages from the at-fault driver’s car insurance company, your headaches might just be beginning, as insurance providers are interested in protecting their bottom lines at all costs.

Here are some tips to help you negotiate with car insurance companies after an accident.

Record Information

First, it’s important to address what to do and what not to do after an accident. While it is important to check on others to make sure everyone is okay, do not discuss details of the accident, as witnesses could be called into court any statement you make could potentially be used against you.

Therefore, never make an admission of guilt anywhere, most importantly at the scene of an accident.

Along with checking on everyone and contacting the authorities, you should compile as much information on the accident scene as you can. This includes piecing together what happened, writing down witnesses’ names, taking pictures of the damages to your vehicle and any injuries you or anyone may have suffered, and receiving the potential at-fault driver’s car insurance information.

The Investigation

Next, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider will conduct an investigation. They will review details of the accident including property damage incurred by both the at-fault driver and your vehicles.

From there, if they deem it’s warranted, they will offer a settlement. However, it’s important to keep in mind insurance companies might try to settle for much less than you should receive. Therefore, having an attorney review your case is an excellent idea.

Seek Legal Advice

By speaking with our knowledgeable team, you can receive sound legal advice before accepting the insurance company’s settlement. Along with property damage and personal injury, our team will examine all facets of your case, including lost wages, current and future medical expenses, loss of future earning capacity, and more.

By investigating every angle, we can present a fairer representation of what compensation you should receive. Best of all, we can give you a free one-hour consultation to review everything before negotiating with the insurance company.

In the event you decide to retain our services, our car accident lawyers will work on your behalf to negotiate a fair resolution with the insurance company. If they are unwilling to settle, we can take the case to court, where we will use our extensive knowledge and resources available to present the best case on your behalf.