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Golf carts are a common sight in and around Delray Beach. While riding a golf cart offers many benefits, knowing the various golf cart laws is essential when doing so. Even if a golf cart is legal to drive, accidents can still happen. Understanding Florida golf cart laws is essential to save you from experiencing lots of unnecessary stress.

How Common Are Golf Cart Accidents?

Golf cart accidents are more common than one may think. More than 15,000 golf cart accidents occur each year in the United States. These accidents can range from minor collisions with stationary objects to more severe car-related incidents. Those residing in golf cart communities in Florida need to stay aware of potential hazards and follow golf cart laws to limit the chance of accidents.

Can You Legally Drive Golf Carts in Delray Beach?

You can typically drive a golf cart in Delray Beach on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. Being aware of your surroundings and watching for other drivers is crucial in limiting the chance of having a golf cart accident. Rules for golf carts also make driving these vehicles on designated paths legal, with no restrictions at all if you are on your own private property.

Golf Cart Usage in Delray Beach

Keeping up with new golf cart laws in Florida is essential before you begin driving around your neighborhood. Florida’s golf cart law, introduced in 2023, now requires drivers 18 years or below to have a learner’s permit or a valid driver’s license to legally drive a golf cart. Under the previous law, 14-year-olds could legally operate a golf cart. Golf cart laws continue to evolve, so it’s important to retain a golf cart accident attorney if you ever require legal assistance.

Increasing Popularity of Golf Carts for Local Transportation

Golf carts remain a popular choice due to their convenience. Operating a golf cart is much quieter than driving a car or truck. Florida golf cart communities are perfect for anyone seeking a slower-paced lifestyle. Focusing on safety and knowing how to make a golf cart street-legal is crucial to avoid any related issues.

Legal and Insurance Considerations

It’s important to remain aware of the newest golf cart laws. Learning more about Florida golf cart laws ahead of time is essential to remaining in compliance. For example, golf carts aren’t required to have insurance in Florida. It’s also wise to contact a golf cart accident lawyer for legal assistance if at any time you have questions.

Golf Cart Laws for Roads

Many people often wonder about the legality of driving a golf cart on vehicular roads in Florida. The short answer is yes you can do it legally, but there are FL golf cart laws to adhere to, such as age requirements, speed limits, and required safety features. The speed limit for street-legal golf carts in Florida is usually between 20-25 mph on a public road. Florida golf cart laws prohibit standing or riding on the outside of a golf cart due to safety reasons. Proper lighting is also needed to operate golf carts at night.

Liability and Insurance for Golf Cart Accidents

Understanding liability and insurance policies are key if you are ever involved in a golf cart accident. Insurance coverage can greatly vary, and not all policies cover golf cart accidents. It is always recommended that you reach out to a golf cart accident lawyer to receive the legal advice you need to deal with this type of situation.

Steps to Take After a Golf Cart Accident

If you find yourself involved in a golf cart accident, taking the correct steps is often critical. These steps include ensuring that everyone is safe after the incident and contacting authorities. Documenting the scene and contacting a golf cart accident attorney for further guidance is also a wise choice. Being involved in a golf cart accident can be a scary experience, but following these steps can help you avoid making significant mistakes once an accident has occurred.