Fall Fumbles: Injuries to Avoid this Season

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While it’s sad to see summer go, it’s time to embrace the beauty of fall for the year. Autumn brings festive fun, but beware of the risk of injuries that come into play this time of year. Whether it be workplace accidents before holidays, or at home mishaps, here are some injuries to avoid this year.

The Slip-n-Slide

As leaves coat the ground, it makes it difficult to see where you’re walking. Leaves may fill in and cover holes, dents, and divots you may be unable to see. It is best to be cautious while walking on leaves at any time, but especially while they’re wet. Wet leaves can actually be as dangerous as ice! The safest way to avoid any leaf-related injuries is to clear leaves from your walkways and driveways as soon as possible.

The Lighting Foul

With daylight savings time, you may be faced with glaring sunlight driving to and from work that you’re not used to. While most people think of sunglasses as a summer accessory, they really are something you should keep in your car year-round. Wearing sunglasses while driving this time of year will help you to better see traffic, traffic signals, and pedestrians to avoid any car-related accidents.


The Burning Bush

Different cities and towns have different ordinances in place when it comes to burning leaves. If you live somewhere leaf burning is permitted, be aware that burn injuries can happen quickly. Keep people as far away from the fire as possible and be sure to have your burn pile a good distance between any trees or your home, as sparks could result in an additional, unexpected fire.

The Big Bang

With fall comes football, and with football comes concussions. Concussion symptoms include dizziness, impaired balance, headaches, short-term memory loss, and loss of consciousness. While these symptoms may not appear to be serious at first, they can lead to some serious damage to your body. Allow concussions to fully heal before partaking in any strenuous activities.

The Festive Fall

As the weather cools down and the holidays are quickly approaching, you may feel inspired to decorate your home to get in the holiday spirit! Be cautious when hanging decorations, as they commonly lead to injury. If hanging heavy items or décor high on the roof, be sure to have someone there to act as Santa’s little helper to assist you in holding the ladder or untangling strands of lights.

The Turkey Lurkey

While it may be a mighty delicious holiday tradition, the seasonal injury statistics related to deep-frying a turkey this time a year is staggering. According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year deep-frying fires are responsible for 5 deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage. To increase your chance of injury prevention, be sure to completely thaw the turkey, cook outdoors and away from anything flammable, and don’t leave the appliance unattended while the turkey is frying.