Essential Items to Have in the Event of a Car Accident

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Car accidents are almost an inevitability. While vehicles have become safer over time – via Forbes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that the fatality rate of car accidents among cars manufactured between 2013 and 2017 is 29 percent lower than the fatality rate of accidents among cars manufactured before 1985 – 6 million accidents on average occur every year in the US, with over 395,000 of them being in Florida.

So it is very likely that, at some point in your life, you’ll be involved in a car accident, no matter the fault. You should be prepared for when that happens, but how?

You’ll need specific supplies stashed in your vehicle, whether in your trunk, glovebox, or armrest. Here are all the tools and items that you’ll need to help you through your accident.

Items to consider when in a car accident


First Aid Kit

When a car accident occurs, it is incredibly likely to receive an injury. 2.35 million drivers and passengers are injured or disabled as a result of car accidents. Since, on average, about 6 million accidents happen yearly, there is roughly a 39 percent chance of injury resulting from an accident. For these cases, you’ll need a first aid kit. Be sure to purchase a first aid kit with plenty of emergency supplies like trauma pads, sterile gauze pads, mylar blankets, and more.


An accident may happen at any time, no matter the hour. In such cases, you’ll need a flashlight. You should consider a strong, resistant flashlight, such as a tactical light or a sturdy searchlight.

Notepad and pen

To document any evidence, you’ll need a pen and notepad. After the accident, take note of the time, the location, the other driver’s information – including name, contact information, and insurance policy – the damage inflicted on all vehicles, descriptions of the vehicles involved, and any other information you may need to help you with your insurance claim or personal injury case.

Reflectors, emergency beacons, and emergency flares

You need to clear a path so that other vehicles will avoid the accident instead of becoming involved in it. You can achieve this by placing reflectors, emergency beacons, and emergency flares around the accident area.

Fire extinguisher

When a vehicle collision takes place, a small fire could occur, and that could escalate into a larger issue, such as an explosion. A fire extinguisher may not only save your vehicle but also your life.

Ponchos and umbrellas

If it is raining and you’re in an accident, it may make handling the situation more frustrating, especially when taking notes. Always carry a poncho and umbrella in your vehicle.

Car accident emergency tool

If you’re in a serious collision, you may be unable to escape from your vehicle.

In this case, you’ll need an emergency escape tool that allows you to break your windows and cut your seatbelt. They are typically compact, so they will easily slip into your glovebox.

A camera

Whether it is your phone’s camera or a digital camera, you’ll need to have a camera to take photographic evidence of the accident.

Proof of insurance

Proof of insurance is very important to have in your vehicle, and in many states, it is a requirement. It contains information you will need in case of an accident, since the driver of the other vehicle involved may want your information to file a claim through your insurance company. Additionally, police may want insurance information as well to complete their police reports.

Remember what to pack for an emergency kit, just in case

There are plenty of items you’ll need if you find yourself in a car accident. Not only should you always carry a first aid kit in your vehicle but also a camera, proof of insurance, car accident emergency tool, fire extinguisher, ponchos and umbrellas, reflectors, emergency beacons, and emergency flares, notepad and pen and a flashlight. These items will surely help you (and other drivers) you navigate the process of an accident much more smoothly.