Who Is Responsible for Accidents Caused by Vehicle Defects In Palm Beach Gardens?

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Not all car accidents are due to driver negligence. Every year, there are countless automobile recalls issued because of safety concerns or vehicle failures. However, recalls are not always successful at preventing accidents.

When an automobile defect is responsible for a car crash, the victim has the right to take legal action. Investigating and uncovering the nature of vehicle defects is no simple task and requires skilled legal counsel. Trust the experienced Palm Beach Gardens auto accident lawyers of Steinberg Law.

What to Know About Vehicle Defects

Proving that a car crash was the result of a defect (instead of negligent driving) is challenging. An accident victim must prove there is a defect, and that it caused the accident. In other words, a vehicle can be defective but that alone doesn’t prove it was the cause of the accident. An irresponsible driver could still be to blame.

The first step that a Palm Beach Gardens car accident attorney will take is determining the nature of the defect. Most fall into the category of design flaws or manufacturing flaws.

A design flaw is something that makes the vehicle inherently dangerous. No matter how an automobile is assembled, a design flaw will make it unsafe. Meanwhile, a well-designed vehicle (or a part or component) can be assembled incorrectly. This points to a manufacturing flaw.

Some examples of vehicle defects that can cause accidents include:

  • High centers of gravity in SUVs that cause rollovers
  • Gas tanks that catch fire or explode in an accident
  • Brakes that lock up or fail to slow the vehicle
  • Airbags that suddenly deploy when they shouldn’t, fail to deploy, or deploy too forcefully
  • Sticking or breaking accelerators that cause the car to speed uncontrollably
  • Problems with the automobile’s electrical system that cause loss of power or lighting
  • Tires that blow out, shred, or otherwise fail
  • Defective steering wheel parts that cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

SUV rollover accident caused by auto defects

Automobile Defects Can Cause Serious Injury

A vehicle defect may be the primary or secondary cause of an accident victim’s injuries. A primary cause means that the defect directly led to an accident. In other words, without said defect, the crash would not have occurred. An example is a faulty brake system that locks up and causes an accident.

When a defect is a secondary cause, it aggravates injuries caused by the accident. A faulty gas tank is an example of this. A driver’s negligence may have caused the accident itself. But afterward, the gas tank catches fire or explodes, leading to additional injuries.

How Your Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawyer Will Help Your Automobile Defect Case

Because of the above-mentioned matters, your attorney will need to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. Expert witness input, and court testimony if needed, will prove useful.

An expert witness is someone with technical knowledge who can explain complex matters to jurors. An accident reconstructionist, for example, can sort through the known facts and explain how and why the accident likely occurred. This will go a long way in assigning responsibility for the crash.

If a vehicle defect caused any of your injuries, several parties could potentially be held liable. Among them are:

  • The automobile manufacturer
  • The factory that built or assembled the automobile
  • An automobile components or parts supplier
  • The dealership from which the automobile was purchased
  • A repair shop that did poor work or used faulty materials on the automobile

Hurt in a Car Accident? Steinberg Law Can Help

If you’ve been in a wreck of any kind, you will need a Palm Beach Gardens automobile accident lawyer. Our team will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to help determine its cause. Whether because of an automobile defect or something (or someone) else, we will work to hold the at-fault party accountable.

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