3 Things NOT to Say to the Insurance Adjuster After Any Type of Personal Injury in Miami

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After a personal injury, there are certain things that you should avoid discussing when you first speak with a representative from the appropriate insurance company. This is because everything you say is being recorded, and your words may be used to deny or devalue your claim. Read on to learn everything you need to know about what to not say to the insurance company or the other party after a personal injury in Miami.

  1. “I Am Okay” and / or “My Property Is Fine” 

Even if you feel fine and nothing appears to be hurt, injuries such as whiplash or concussion can  become apparent down the road. However, an insurance adjuster can use this statement to say your symptoms are not due to the incident.

The signs of a personal injury may take days or even weeks to reveal themselves. Also, depending on the incident, damage to your property may not be immediately obvious. It’s best to avoid statements about the current condition of yourself or any belongings affected.

  1. “I Am Sorry” 

While this is an understandable thing for many people to say, whether or not they are actually at fault, apologies can be seen as an admission of guilt. Avoid saying this at all times during your interaction with the adjuster, even if you are simply saying sorry for taking up their time. It is the adjuster’s job to listen to your information, so don’t make any apologetic statements.

  1. Anything Too Specific About Your Actions 

Stick to the facts about when the incident happened, where it happened, and who was involved  when talking to the adjuster. Giving too much detail about how you think the accident happened  makes it easier for an insurance company to misconstrue your words. The truth is the cause of  the incident may not even be known at this point. 

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So, what should you say after a personal injury in Miami? Simply request insurance information from all parties involved, call for medical attention, and call police to file a report. The next step after an accident that was not your fault is to call a personal injury attorney. By speaking with a lawyer, you can find out how to provide more detail about your claim to the insurance company on their advice. 

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