What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach Do?

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No one can ever say they want to be in a position where they might need a criminal defense lawyer. Yet, you may have just found yourself in that situation. So, should you hire a criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach, or try to take on your case yourself to save money? Once you understand what all is involved in a criminal case, it’s easy to see why people hire an attorney when charged with an unlawful act. So, what does a criminal defense attorney do?

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach Does a Lot of Research

An attorney spends much of their time on your case researching. This may include reading and compiling documents, interviewing witnesses, and gathering evidence. Your attorney will also interview you to make sure that they gain a great understanding of the facts.

After compiling all information and evidence, your attorney will analyze everything to determine how to best present your case. By doing all of this, your attorney is working hard to get you an acquittal, or not guilty verdict.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Navigates the Justice System For You

If you are unfamiliar with the justice system, it can seem very overwhelming. An attorney understands how the system works, and they can help guide you through legal proceedings. They help explain the result of different outcomes to you, evaluate potential sentences, and even negotiate deals on your behalf to help you avoid a trial if you prefer.

They Also Defend Your Case Before a Judge and Jury When Necessary

After collecting all possible information and navigating the system, your criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach assesses the prosecution’s case, enters a plea, and argues your case, speaking on behalf of you.

Additionally, Your Lawyer Can Help Negotiate Sentencing

If you are sentenced for a crime, your attorney may be able to help reduce your sentence. They will try to convince and judge and / or jury why you don’t deserve the recommended sentence / punishment.

When You Need the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach

While you may be tempted to represent yourself in court, especially if you’re not guilty, self-representation is often ineffective and much more expensive in the long run. Don’t try to DIY your way through the criminal justice system.

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